“Misinformation Effects in Public Opinion and Representation.”
Committee: James N. Druckman (chair), Daniel Diermeier, and Benjamin I. Page.


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Under Review

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Ongoing Projects

“Representing the Misinformed: How Politicians Interact with Constituents who Lack Accurate Information.”

“Measuring Factual (Mis)perceptions in Surveys.”

“Decider in Chief? Public Misperceptions about Presidential Power” (with Scott Clifford and Brendan Nyhan).

“Misperceptions, Corrections, and the Structure of Political Opinions” (with Caitlin Davies).

“The Prevalence and Causes of Conspiracy Belief about Disease Outbreaks” (with Victoria Chi and Brendan Nyhan).

“The Effects of Dubious Expert Recommendations on Consumer Behavior” (with Brendan Nyhan).

“Factual (In)accuracy and Partisan Selective Exposure” (with students in my QSS 30.08 seminar).